Is CBD Oil On Amazon?

CBD has become more popular than ever, now being technically legal in the whole United States. (Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill). However, a lot of incorrect information is available out there. You can find hundreds of thousands of CBD-related search results on Google, but little of this information comes from reliable and scientifically supported sources.

It can be a little scary. With such an important decision, it can be tempting to head straight to a reliable name like Amazon to do your shopping.

Is CBD oil on Amazon? Read on to get all the details … what to avoid, what to watch out for, and more.


To start with, it’s important to understand Amazon’s guidelines. While you can find almost anything on Amazon, the company doesn’t allow the sale of drugs for obvious reasons. Drug supplies are also limited to website sales, but we know certain things “slip through the cracks”.

CBD actually falls into the “drugs” category and all types of drugs are (rightly) not available on Amazon. Although CBD is legal in the U.S through the Farm Bill, it still remains a regulated substance. This is what the website specifically says about CBD for sale on Amazon:

“Products containing cannabidiol (CBD), a Schedule I controlled substance, which includes, among others: CBD-rich hemp oil, CBD-containing full-spectrum hemp oil, and products that LegitScript determines to contain CBD  cannot be sold on this site.”

You can go to the website to read the full disclaimer.

However, if you go online and type “CBD oil for sale on Amazon” you will get many search results. Why is that and are these products really CBD oil?


Although CBD is banned on Amazon, this generally does not apply to hemp products. As a result, sellers appear to be able to list products such as “hemp extract” or “hemp seed oil” without any effect.

It’s easy to get confused here, but there is a crucial difference between CBD oil and hemp seed oil. Cannabidiol (and other cannabinoids) occur in the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant. Hemp seed oil is obviously made from the seeds and practically contains no CBD.

In the past, some suppliers have marketed and labeled their products as “CBD oil”, although in reality it is only hemp seed oil. Of course, the “real” CBD extract is more expensive than hemp seed oil, and all you have to do to check it is go to your health food store and check the price on a bottle of hemp seed oil.

Either way, it is common in the Amazon market to write that the product contains “hemp extract”, which generally means that the product contains cannabinoids (like CBD). Hopeful shoppers spend a lot of money on an oil that contains hemp extract without knowing how much CBD is in the real tincture.

Hemp seed oil can be used for cooking and is naturally very healthy and nutritious. However, you don’t want to pay the price of CBD oil on Amazon, especially not for something that can’t be used to do much more than just drizzling your salad.

Unlike what some sellers may say, all CBD oil products are not made the same, although it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying the wrong stuff if you don’t know much about it.


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Now that you know that most of the so-called CBD oils on Amazon are nothing more than hemp seed oil, there are other reasons why you should not buy your CBD on the website.

One of the first things to keep in mind when buying CBD oil is the third party lab results. Since the market is not regulated, it is up to the brands to be transparent and to demonstrate that their products are of very high quality. For this reason, brands must pay for laboratory tests.

The results of these tests must be published on the website where potential buyers can see them. Laboratory tests show the actual CBD content and show that it is not just a badly labeled hemp seed oil!


A good online seller can also give you much more information about your CBD products. This includes, among other things, where hemp was grown, which cultivation methods and extraction methods were used. It is also always possible to contact a brand directly for additional information that you do not know. All this is not always possible on Amazon.

The bottom line is that most CBD oil available for purchase at Amazon is probably not what you think. It is a better idea to buy from a reputable brand so that you know what you are getting.



In short, buying CBD oil for sale on Amazon is a risk because you do not always know how much CBD is in the product. You could end up spending your hard-earned money on nothing other than hemp seed oil.

This is not only frustrating, it also damages the reputation of the CBD industry when people discover that the products “don’t work.” In reality, it is because they do not contain CBD!

However, this is not the only problem. Without access to the correct information, Amazon hemp oil products may contain chemical solvent residues from the manufacturer’s extraction process. Without access to the correct laboratory reports, there is really no way to know.

As the popularity of CBD oil grows, you will find more and more online reviews from people who have personal experience in using it. These people will also be able to recommend the best CBD oil for your purpose.

In general, whether CBD oil is on Amazon or not, we recommend that you avoid buying it. Instead, stay with reputable brands and read many reviews online before you buy. It is by far the most reliable way to get good information, and in turn, a good product.

CBD Oil And Dogs


Whilst a relatively new development, cbd oil, medical marijuana and the like are slowly being legalized in countries around the world. It creates a natural option for people seeking an alternative to mainstream medicine for various illnesses, diseases and the side effects these can bring with them.

As research deepens and there are more results being documented, it begs the question from many: could there possibly be a relationship between cbd oil and dogs?


Truth be known, dogs can suffer from many of the ailments that people have – they are by no means exclusive to the human race. Whether it’s a mental condition such as anxiety, or a more physical condition like seizures or even cancer, vets are finding that cbd oil may provide equally positive benefits for dogs too.

Because cbd oil can be used to treat stress, anxiety, arthritis, seizures and other conditions, research has shown that there is no reason that dogs can’t enjoy the same benefits – after all, the conditions present themselves in dogs very similarly to that in humans.

The endocannabinoid system, which consists of receptors that can be found throughout the whole body, is where cbd oil brings relief as the cannabinoids interact with this system.


One of the huge benefits of cbd oil for dogs is that the usual pain medications given to dogs can be fraught with nasty side effects especially to the gastrointestinal tract, the liver and the kidney. Thankfully, cbd oil carries none of these side effects, and does not act as a sedative for a dog.

Naturally, the use of cbd oil for dogs may carry potential risks, but these are primarily associated with overdose. The dog may appear sedated and have difficulty eating and standing, and these effects can last for several days. It is very important that if you suspect your dog has taken an overdose, he or she must be seen by a vet without delay.

It is very rare that a dog will experience a dangerous reaction to cbd oil – in fact, they are more likely to suffer a worse effect from eating chocolate!


CBD Pet Treats


As with any medication, its important that the right dosage is administered, especially since in many instances, the cbd oil can be part of a treatment plan, alongside regular medications. Unfortunately, the jury is still out on the correct dosage for dogs, and I guess this is testament to the newness of cbd oil on the scene.



The best course of action is to discuss the use of cbd oil with a vet who has experience with using it. Again, because of the newness of the treatment and the lack of relevant research, these vets may be few and far between, however they may be at least able to advise you on who are considered bona fide manufacturers, with an excellent track record.

So, first and foremost, talk to your vet about the possibility of using cbd for your dog. As with introducing any medications to your dog, start on a minimal dose. Your purpose for this is to not alleviate the symptoms immediately, but rather to ascertain that your dog does not have an adverse reaction. By using small increments, you can ascertain at which level cbd oil has the desired effect, without causing further issues with side effects.

If you use cbd oil in liquid form, you have more control over the dosage, and it can be adjusted drop by drop if necessary. Again, because the actual risks have not been researched, it cannot be established what is considered a toxic level for dogs.


Some things you should be looking out for are:

Sleepiness: Because cbd oil has been used to treat anxiety, it has a calming effect on demeanor, which could manifest as sleepiness or lethargy.

Dryness: If your dog appears to have an increased thirst, this may be due to the cbd oil, which has shown that it may decrease saliva production.

If you decide, in consultation with your vet, that you would like to give cbd oil a try, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Firstly, as with many things, you get what you pay for. Therefore, the cost of quality, pure cbd oil will be higher than the cheaper alternatives. Organic brands are generally more desirable too.


As most of us consider our dogs to be family members, you want to make sure you are using the very best cbd oil available. This also gives the cbd oil a fair chance to be successful as the best stuff won’t have any undesirable additives. The purer the better.

Make sure you check out the manufacturer’s list of contents. This will indicate the level of cbd that is included. Some products contain so little cbd that it’s not worth the stress of even trying it. You also need to check that there is no THC in the product, or at the very least, very little THC.


There are a couple of things that I can’t emphasize enough.

Firstly, it is imperative that you consult with a vet before trying cbd oil on your dog. If your regular vet doesn’t have information on using cbd oil, or has never used it, find one who has. There are vets that have a keen interest in alternative and natural medicines, and they are more likely to have looked further into the uses of cbd oil than a regular vet. Ideally, the vet you use regularly for your dog is the best as he or she knows your dog best, although a vet with experience with cbd oil and its effects is a better option.

Secondly, the use of cbd oil and medical marijuana around the world is still a gray area. Research thoroughly what the law is in your area. Some places have a more intricate policy rather than a blanket one. They may have different rules depending on the strength, or the level of THC, for example. Some countries may only allow cbd oil on prescription, or for certain purposes, while others may be quite lenient with its use.


As the trend for the use of cbd oil continues upward, there is little doubt that it will become more widely used as research increases and there are more and more people that can recommend it (or otherwise) after personal experience. So, as the future of cbd oil holds some exciting possibilities for treatments in humans, we could also quite realistically see also an equally exciting relationship between cbd oil and dogs.

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CBD Pet Treats

What Is CBD Oil For?

Before we delve into the ins and outs, it’s probably best to answer the question: What is CBD oil for? Not much point looking further into whether it could be right for you until we answer that question first, right?


Okay, so let’s look firstly at what it is.

More commonly known as CBD Oil, the term refers to cannabidiol, and has become increasingly popular over a very short period for helping with both common ailments and illnesses, but has even had some effect on major diseases like cancer.

Recent scientific reports have confirmed that there does appear to be a relationship between relief of pain and other symptoms and the use of CBD oil.

But I get it. All the scientific reports in the world are not going to answer the direct question whether CBD oil will work for you. That’s a hard one, because in all honesty, you can only find someone out there with similar symptoms who CBD oil has helped, it’s not going to prove to you whether it will work for you.


If you’d like to read further into this subject, especially as it applies to healing the body, I would recommend this book:


The Healer Within: Achieving Optimum Health With Empowering Habits, Emotional Freedom, and the Miracle of CBD Oil




From my research, the main thing people take CBD oil for is the relief of pain. Lots of different kinds of pain. It has been known to help with things like back pain and joint pain, with many reports from Joe Public about their personal stories of pain being significantly reduced through the use of CBD oil.

Other reported benefits include:

* assistance with lowering blood sugar

* aids with anxiety and depression

* may help to alleviate cancer-related symptoms

* can help sciatica and other nerve related pain

* it’s anti-inflammatory properties could help with the fight against acne


While human clinical studies are lacking, probably because of the previous legality status of cannabis and marijuana, we do know that studies of the endocannabinoid system in humans indicate that this system plays a major part in the regulation of metabolism.

There are individual examples of differing reactions to the use of CBD oil. In one instance, the decrease in blood sugar occurred within a matter of minutes – which, of course, could be extremely dangerous. In another instance, there was no alternation in blood sugar levels at all. This would suggest that the effectiveness of CBD oil in lowering blood sugar could be more attributable to the individuality and healthiness of an individual’s endocannabinoid system.


The effects of anxiety and depression on the human mental frame are widely documented, together with the disastrous impacts that can occur on an individual’s health and well-being.

Whilst there may be side effects from CBD oil, the effects on the body of other drugs used to treat these conditions is well-known, and can include headache, insomnia, sexual dysfunction and drowsiness. The other possible side effect can be addiction.

CBD oil has shown some success in the treatment of depression and anxiety, and I guess it’s more about weighing up possible benefits against possible side effects when electing which path you wish to follow.

Because CBD oil may act on the receptors in the brain for the neurotransmitter serotonin, it could be feasible that it assists in the regulation of social behavior and mood.


Although it is early days to assess whether CBD oil works as a cancer treatment, the majority of the time it’s the symptoms of cancer that cause issues.

For this reason, CBD oil should be used as a complementary therapy to cancer treatment, considered effective on some side effects of cancer, such as:


Nausea and loss of appetite are frequent visitors to those undergoing cancer treatment. It has been documented that ingested cannabis (including THC) that deliver cannabinoids to the bloodstream directly can help to stimulate appetite, sadly CBD oil alone has not been confirmed as being able to deliver the same effect.



Among the most highly reported benefits of CBD is it’s ability to act on pain. This is primarily due to its role as an anti-inflammatory, and cancer’s insidious pain caused by inflammation and injury to nerves.

When pain reaches a severe level, it can even become resistant to the most powerful pain relievers of all: Opioids.


It appears that the anti-nausea effects come from the THC in cannabis, rather than the CBD oil itself. Those wanting to experience relief from nausea should discuss this with their doctor as low doses of synthetic THC can be prescribed, which have fewer side effects.


Firstly, it’s widely known that acne is an inflammatory condition of the skin. And we also know that CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties. So, it seems pretty logical to assume the CBD oil would be a good partner to help in the fight against acne.

However, there’s no need to apply logic here: CBD oil’s effect on acne and the associated redness that occurs is one of its benefits that is widely documented.

Aside from many reports from individuals, there have been many studies that confirm the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil when it is applied to the skin. It also has the potential, due to its balancing effect on the skin, to help with a decrease in excess oil (sebum) production.

Initial results are exciting, but as with most things, further testing and scientific studies will of course help to establish common-place use of CBD oil.


Cannabidiol, or CBD oil, is one of many cannabinoids in the cannabis plant gaining popularity due to being a natural medicine that appears to benefit many parts of the human body.

What is CBD oil for? Research into the effective use of CBD oil is in its infancy.

This natural product is by no means new, and has had many beneficial properties attributed to it.  The trick is to know that you’re getting what you think you’re getting, and its the best stuff for your purpose.

It is worth noting that over time, as with many new kids on the block, CBD oil will probably become as mainstream as cough syrup as it proves itself to the individual average Joe and Judy time and time again.



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I guess as you get older, you start to experience lots of “malfunctions” of the body, and of course the usual course to follow is to spend your money at your local doctor to find answers.

But sometimes our local doctor doesn’t know everything.

You follow their advice diligently, with your fingers crossed, hoping for some relief from pain or other conditions that can be debilitating, and at the very least downright annoying.

This is me to a tee. It took many years for me to realize that maybe there was “something else” out there.

I used my friend, Dr Google and started exploring other avenues that might be available – and came across a treasure trove of information about CBD Oil and CBD-based products.

The testimonials were overwhelmingly in favor of their usage, despite the stigma of people – especially in my generation – of anything to do with illicit drugs. Having a love affair with marijuana lumped CBD Oil into the same boat, and its just something that a lot of us would even dream of taking.

However, I have been proven well and truly wrong, and my website is born to educate others who may feel the same way.




Generally, I’m a helpful person! But seriously, I know of many folks – once again mainly in my generation – who could benefit greatly from the use of CBD Oil. It’s just education that is lacking.


I aim to present to you facts that you may not be aware of that may help to convince you to at least try CBD Oil. Even if you’re skeptical (and I certainly was), the information on this website will allow you to make an informed decision and not just rely on tales that you may have heard about CBD Oil, it’s effects and benefits.

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