CBD Oil And Dogs


Whilst a relatively new development, cbd oil, medical marijuana and the like are slowly being legalized in countries around the world. It creates a natural option for people seeking an alternative to mainstream medicine for various illnesses, diseases and the side effects these can bring with them.

As research deepens and there are more results being documented, it begs the question from many: could there possibly be a relationship between cbd oil and dogs?


Truth be known, dogs can suffer from many of the ailments that people have – they are by no means exclusive to the human race. Whether it’s a mental condition such as anxiety, or a more physical condition like seizures or even cancer, vets are finding that cbd oil may provide equally positive benefits for dogs too.

Because cbd oil can be used to treat stress, anxiety, arthritis, seizures and other conditions, research has shown that there is no reason that dogs can’t enjoy the same benefits – after all, the conditions present themselves in dogs very similarly to that in humans.

The endocannabinoid system, which consists of receptors that can be found throughout the whole body, is where cbd oil brings relief as the cannabinoids interact with this system.


One of the huge benefits of cbd oil for dogs is that the usual pain medications given to dogs can be fraught with nasty side effects especially to the gastrointestinal tract, the liver and the kidney. Thankfully, cbd oil carries none of these side effects, and does not act as a sedative for a dog.

Naturally, the use of cbd oil for dogs may carry potential risks, but these are primarily associated with overdose. The dog may appear sedated and have difficulty eating and standing, and these effects can last for several days. It is very important that if you suspect your dog has taken an overdose, he or she must be seen by a vet without delay.

It is very rare that a dog will experience a dangerous reaction to cbd oil – in fact, they are more likely to suffer a worse effect from eating chocolate!


CBD Pet Treats


As with any medication, its important that the right dosage is administered, especially since in many instances, the cbd oil can be part of a treatment plan, alongside regular medications. Unfortunately, the jury is still out on the correct dosage for dogs, and I guess this is testament to the newness of cbd oil on the scene.



The best course of action is to discuss the use of cbd oil with a vet who has experience with using it. Again, because of the newness of the treatment and the lack of relevant research, these vets may be few and far between, however they may be at least able to advise you on who are considered bona fide manufacturers, with an excellent track record.

So, first and foremost, talk to your vet about the possibility of using cbd for your dog. As with introducing any medications to your dog, start on a minimal dose. Your purpose for this is to not alleviate the symptoms immediately, but rather to ascertain that your dog does not have an adverse reaction. By using small increments, you can ascertain at which level cbd oil has the desired effect, without causing further issues with side effects.

If you use cbd oil in liquid form, you have more control over the dosage, and it can be adjusted drop by drop if necessary. Again, because the actual risks have not been researched, it cannot be established what is considered a toxic level for dogs.


Some things you should be looking out for are:

Sleepiness: Because cbd oil has been used to treat anxiety, it has a calming effect on demeanor, which could manifest as sleepiness or lethargy.

Dryness: If your dog appears to have an increased thirst, this may be due to the cbd oil, which has shown that it may decrease saliva production.

If you decide, in consultation with your vet, that you would like to give cbd oil a try, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Firstly, as with many things, you get what you pay for. Therefore, the cost of quality, pure cbd oil will be higher than the cheaper alternatives. Organic brands are generally more desirable too.


As most of us consider our dogs to be family members, you want to make sure you are using the very best cbd oil available. This also gives the cbd oil a fair chance to be successful as the best stuff won’t have any undesirable additives. The purer the better.

Make sure you check out the manufacturer’s list of contents. This will indicate the level of cbd that is included. Some products contain so little cbd that it’s not worth the stress of even trying it. You also need to check that there is no THC in the product, or at the very least, very little THC.


There are a couple of things that I can’t emphasize enough.

Firstly, it is imperative that you consult with a vet before trying cbd oil on your dog. If your regular vet doesn’t have information on using cbd oil, or has never used it, find one who has. There are vets that have a keen interest in alternative and natural medicines, and they are more likely to have looked further into the uses of cbd oil than a regular vet. Ideally, the vet you use regularly for your dog is the best as he or she knows your dog best, although a vet with experience with cbd oil and its effects is a better option.

Secondly, the use of cbd oil and medical marijuana around the world is still a gray area. Research thoroughly what the law is in your area. Some places have a more intricate policy rather than a blanket one. They may have different rules depending on the strength, or the level of THC, for example. Some countries may only allow cbd oil on prescription, or for certain purposes, while others may be quite lenient with its use.


As the trend for the use of cbd oil continues upward, there is little doubt that it will become more widely used as research increases and there are more and more people that can recommend it (or otherwise) after personal experience. So, as the future of cbd oil holds some exciting possibilities for treatments in humans, we could also quite realistically see also an equally exciting relationship between cbd oil and dogs.

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